Lack Rack part III: the Final chapter

If you caught the last blog installment you’ve seen that I’m a big proponent of the Steve Jobs “one more thing” methodology.

To ‘finish out’ (as if) the rack design I’ve made two more modifications. The first was reversing the switch positioning and doing some OCD-level cable maintenance.

The last, and the piece de resistance in my opinion, was removing one of the original lower shelves and replacing it with a bank that holds 4 Raspberry Pi. (Pies?)

In case your curious the Pi’s are configured for:

  • Pi-hole (security, DNS, ad-blocking)
  • HOOBS (home automation)
  • NEMS (a Nagios instance for monitoring)
  • Kali (shenanigans and attack emulation)

That should hold me over for a little while. And I’m really pleased with the results.

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