Magnet 2022 CTF – iOS15

One of the evidence items during the 2022 Magnet User Summit CTF was a full file system extraction of an iPhone running iOS 15. Recently the CTF creators made the evidence (and corresponding challenge questions) available at You can register for a free account and then download the evidence. There’s several recommended tools listed in the challenge summary. For me the tools used were:

Once you’re registered, process the evidence with Magnet and iLEAPP. The other tools we’ll touch on coming up.


Don’t read ahead if you’re still working on the challenges. If you get stuck and want to see how I chose to solve it… then read on friend.

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Summit Bound

January 2020, the last time I had work related travel, seems like an eon ago. Later that year I had planned my first attendance at the Magnet User Summit in Nashville. Then COVID entered the scene and every event going forward for me was remote only. Don’t get me wrong, I’m an introvert and being able to work from home in my fortress of solitude the past few years has been great. I even managed to present at Magnet Enterprise Pulse and the HTCIA International Summit, both remotely. Fast forward to the present and events are starting to open back up.

Getting the band back together

The Magnet User Summit in April will be supporting in-person and virtual attendance. After two years as virtual participant I’ll finally be able to attend in person. As it turns out I’ll be presenting at the conference as well! It’s taken me a few years to get here, but now I get to attend as a speaker (and and employee!)

You can register for the Magnet User Summit (in person or virtual) here:

I hope to see you there, be it virtual or in person. And feel free to track me down for Baker Street Forensics stickers if you’re there.