Lack Rack Updates

I have a tendency for DIY projects to never be finished. Actually that’s not entirely true. I finish them, but then I continue to build/expand on them. This has been true of many elements of my home office since moving to our home two years ago. A few months back I posted my DIY network rack built from IKEA end tables. A week or so later LED’s were added. I have several automation routines that will change the LED color based on status conditions.

The rack has served me very well so far, but I wanted to make a few improvements. Previously I had laptop (on riser stand) and a portable (15″ usb-C) monitor on the top. The monitor (and wireless keyboard) is connected an Intel NUC inside the rack that dual boots between REMnux and Windows11.

I wanted to make room for a full size monitor on top, but I was running low on real estate. A couple orders later on amazon and I had exactly what I wanted.

First I added a dual-arm stand that could accommodate a full size monitor (24″ fits well here), and a second arm that supports a laptop. I wound up replacing the monitor arm mount with a different mount that kept it closer to the support pole (the screen was a little too ‘in the face’ before that.) Since the composition materials of the Ikea tables are likely MDF, I added a steel panels on the top and bottom of the clamp for extra durability.

The height is perfect for a standing workstation. If I need to work on the laptop, there is enough free space to open and operate fully without impacting the monitor.

So here it is, the [updated] “Lack Rack” finished… for now.

Magnet 2022 CTF – iOS15

One of the evidence items during the 2022 Magnet User Summit CTF was a full file system extraction of an iPhone running iOS 15. Recently the CTF creators made the evidence (and corresponding challenge questions) available at You can register for a free account and then download the evidence. There’s several recommended tools listed in the challenge summary. For me the tools used were:

Once you’re registered, process the evidence with Magnet and iLEAPP. The other tools we’ll touch on coming up.


Don’t read ahead if you’re still working on the challenges. If you get stuck and want to see how I chose to solve it… then read on friend.

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